The Bond guitar is the result of over 11 years of research on the part of designer and engineer Andrew Bond, and it really does represent a radical and very exciting departure from what we've all come to expect in an electric guitar.
The use of carbon fibre for the all-in-one design allows a stability and a constructional accuracy which just isn't possible with wood. That means in practice that the neck won't twist , bow or warp, and consequently, the action and tuning remain constant, even through changes in temperature and humidity.
The most striking innovation, however, is in the concept of the fingerboard. The Bond design is once again precision engineered. Its form is fundamentally new in that it consists of a series of shallow sloping steps which take the place of conventional frets. This gives significantly improved annotation and greatly reduces friction and necessary finger pressure making it extraordinarily fast, accurate, and an easy guitar to play. Less friction also means less wear on the strings and fingerboard.
Unlike wood, the carbon fibre absorbs very little of the strings acoustic energy, thus affording notes a faster, cleaner attack and a longer singing sustain.

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